Matia was raised on Orcas Island and in a small town on the shores of Northern California, Mendocino. It was growing up in these coastal places that fermented her love of the ocean. She is an alumnus of Orcas High School, and after a foundation year pursuing an industrial design degree in Seattle, she has returned to the islands in order to save enough money to finish her Bachelors Degree — either in Canada or Bellingham.

Matia’s passions are animals and taking advantage of the many water activities the Puget Sound has to offer. She has sailed competitively and has also taught sailing classes — both of which she would love to continue throughout life. Her mother, Julie, founded and manages Island Haven Animal Sanctuary in Friday Harbor, so Matia can’t remember a time when she hadn’t had a house full of rescue dogs, cats, rodents, birds, and (now) farm animals. Her pride and joy is her beautiful kitty, Sucia, who she saved from the streets of Seattle, who has integrated into their current household of nine pets.

At the Tucker House Inn and Harrison House Suites, Matia will be taking reservations, checking in guests, booking activities and tours, and assisting with breakfast service while picking up shifts at Coho Restaurant and catering events. You might even see her sporting her camera to capture content for social media posts and online blogs.

“I really like to meet and talk to guests from other countries,” she says. “It’s great to hear stories about places I haven’t been and get ideas about where to travel.” She admits, “Language barriers are really fun. I don’t speak any second language fluently, so it’s fun to use gestures and my little bit of knowledge to communicate.”

After Matia’s four years of work in the San Juan Islands’ service industry, she is ready to answer any questions you might have.