Are you missing the Island? Need a little mental break? Relive your visit without leaving your desk. Download these free San Juan Scenes wallpapers and you can take a quick escape just by viewing your desktop. Our beautiful photographs are generously donated by these talented photographers:


Cyndi Brast: An accomplished photographer, Cyndi has spent many years building a portfolio of images capturing the essence of the natural outdoors. Landscapes, wildlife and insects are favorite subjects, but she also enjoys photographing those moments that mark the path along life’s journey. Birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and especially favorite pets…all are opportunities reflecting candid moments that enrich our lives. Visual cues, even the most subtle, can express what words often cannot. “It is my hope to convey these ‘unspoken’ words into memories you can cherish.”

In addition to photography, Cynthia is completing a Master’s Degree in Entomology and enjoys keeping honey bees.  She is currently working on a photo identification guide to insects of San Juan Islands and is available for beekeeping consultation.  Her work can be viewed at or;


Jim Maya is a lifelong naturalist, bird and wildlife enthusiast. Besides serving as Wildlife Counselor at camps, Jim made it his career to teach at public schools in Indiana, California and Washington. Since his retirement, Jim has been taking visitors out to see the whales since 1996. Besides his vast experience in nature, he draws on his major in History and minor in Drama to entertain visitors on his tour boat, and every guest walks away happy. He is a “Kid-friendly captain” and has more experience as a whale watch captain than any other captain on the island. Jim is also an avid photographer; his images of the San Juans and local wildlife can be seen on many whale-related websites, and are available for sale or download.,

To download, click on the image you want; it opens into a new window. On a PC, right click the image and select “Set as Desktop Background.” on a Mac, use control click.