Letter from a Four-Legged Guest


Sammy MolitorDear Auntie Anna Maria, Uncle Dave, and the rest of the HH/TH crew:

Thank you so much once again for letting me, little Sammy Molitor, spend another wonderful night with you.  My stay in Lizzie’s Cottage was absolutely fabulous and it was actually nice to stay there for a change (instead of Granny’s Garden).

The treat you made for me was especially wonderful.  My only regret was that it was only a cupcake, not a quart-cake or a gallon-cake.  But it was amazing and I made short work of it.

I’m looking forward to coming back again in February and wish everyone there all the best for the rest of the peak season as well as the upcoming holidays.

Thanks again for a “four-paws up” weekend!

Sammy Molitor (as dictated to his Dad)

NOTE: To learn how our four-legged guests get pampered, see our blog post.