Gizmo & Sammy

Each February we know its President’s weekend when we see Richard and Brigitte arrive. They have been coming to the Tucker House for the past 20 years, and knew the property when the Inn was the single Victorian house owned by Clarence and his wife Marie Tucker.  We now refer to it as the Lower  Tucker House. Richard and Brigitte shared photos with us of how the property has morphed throughout the years.

Then with the advent of social media and photo sharing, they began sharing a different kind of photo. Their Pekinese, Gizmo has been coming with them since we purchased the Inn, 8 years ago. We have photos of Gizmo enjoying Mollie’s dog biscuits, Gizmo kissing Mona, and Gizmo with Dreyfuss, a new pal he brought to the Island. During his visit last year, Gizmo was slowing down and he finally crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Gizmo posthumously trained Samson, Richard and Brigitte’s new addition, on his modeling duties when visiting the Island. Sammy, as they lovingly refer to him, is a four-year old “Chiweenie”  which makes him half Chihuahua and half Dachshund. He is, as you can see from his photo below, packed with personality. Giz you couldn’t have passed the torch to a more capable successor. We miss you!