Fluke By the Ferry?

Islanders are rallying to collect money to install a beautiful sculpture of a whale fluke at the top of the ferry landing. Led by consummate volunteer Lori Stokes, the project needs to raise $25,000 to purchase the Micajah Bienvenu sculpture and install it on the huge rock at the corner of 1st and A, across from the main ferry parking lot. Micajah, an island resident, has agreed to donate $29,000 of his $54,000 asking price, and a generous donor has offered to match the amount of donations raised.

The magic of Photo Shop shows how spectacular the sculpture would look on the designated site, an iconic image to welcome and bid adieu to all visitors traveling by ferry. Not only that, says Lori, “Public art helps to build community. It gives people who would never venture into a museum or gallery the opportunity to gain an appreciation for art, and it has been shown to enhance the economic vitality of the surrounding area.”

Questions can be directed to Lori Stokes, (360) 378-4643, loristokes3@gmail.com. Donations can be sent to Town of Friday Harbor, c/o Lori Stokes, 241 Warbass, A302, Friday Harbor WA 98250; be sure to put “public art donation” on the memo line.

All it takes is one passionate person to get the ball rolling, and you’d be amazed at what can be accomplished. We’ll keep you posted on this public art project.

Well the town made this project a reality.  The dedication took place on February, 14, 2013.