A Day At The Inn: Guest Becomes a Real Winner

The clean air and gorgeous surroundings of the islands beg visitors to get out and enjoy nature while they’re here. That may include whale watching, kayaking, bicycling, hiking, or even a leisurely sail. But one of our recent guests took that a bit further by enjoying the scenery while running the Run Ladies Run Half Marathon. Not only did Maron Resur run – she came in first place!

Maron Resur - First Place Winner!
Maron Resur – First Place Winner!


You might think she had been training for years, but Maron tells us a different story, one to inspire even the staunchest couch potato. She ran cross country in high school, but “was really bad!” She picked it back up last July at age 32, and without the pressures of high school peers and competition, she simply found it fun to do.  With her maximum running distance at 2.5 miles, Maron enter her first half marathon in November, and couldn’t believe she could actually run that far! Her sense of accomplishment compelled her to run in the Vancouver and Bothell half marathons, and within seven months of starting to run simply to feel good, she became the first place winner of the race here on San Juan Island. Asked what was going through her mind during the race, she said “I couldn’t believe no one was ahead of me.”

Maron says it’s the air quality that made the difference in her performance. Raised in the Midwest, she feels the pollen and industrial dust contributed to her lackluster performance in high school. Here the air is much cleaner, and the encouraging organizers had the race route and aid stations set up very efficiently. “The people were SO nice!”

Running 13.1 miles in 1 hour and 50 minutes, “the worst girl on the cross country team” became a real winner on San Juan Island!