A Day At The Inns – Wet Feet!

This is the time of year that we focus our attention to our physical plant by giving guest rooms and suites a bit of a face lift in preparation for the summer season. On January 4th, on-site innkeeper Erin Dannelly rolled out of bed and padded barefoot into her kitchen. Still fuzzy headed from sleep, it took her a moment to register that her feet were sloshing in water – her apartment had flooded! Just like last year, the island was deluged with another intense week of heavy rains and winds, and many locals found themselves with “waterfront property,” dealing with flooded homes and impassable driveways and roads. It was almost a year to the day that we finally licked the water problems in our nautically-themes Shaw Suite; but nature and old homes have a way of asserting their will! It gives us a whole new perspective on how Spring Street got its name. Living on a huge rock, it seems water will always find a way in when it wants to. After some repairs and trenching, and cleaning up the mess, Erin was relieved to be back to a dry apartment again and get back to her winter project list.

One of our recent guests told us that red and yellow, the colors Erin just painted our Goose In The Pond cottage, are the hues of “good luck” in the Chinese culture. Here’s hoping some of that good luck will stay with us through out the next year of winter weather.

Also sporting new wall tones: Roche Harbor Cottage and the Garden Room Café, lightening up the rooms to go with our brighter mood for the coming year.