Wedding Photographer Available

We love hosting weddings on the lawn at the Lower Tucker House – the ancient willow tree adds such gentle beauty to the setting.  One of the weddings were had the privilege of hosting and catering this summer was captured on film by free lance photographer Jonathan Steinberg.

Jonathan’s training in photojournalism helps him approach each event as a story: who are the main characters? What are the key moments for each? Shooting wide open and up close to subjects, Jonathan strives to document real emotions and moments that portray an honest, visceral feeling; he believes this is what viewers connect with when they see his work. We felt ourselves being drawn into the photos, wanting more, wanting to be there – a part of the scene.

Jonathan is currently accepting freelance assignments and available for travel anywhere, and is based out of Seattle, WA. You can see more of Jonathan’s work at for his general portfolio, for wedding images go to, and you can follow Jonathans blog at, or call (248) 762-4348 for more information.