Guest Shares Christmas Gift Giving Ideas

We are tired of the “commercialized” Christmas.  How many times have we all said that??  This year we have decided to do something about it.  We will be purchasing each other our favorite robes from our 12 day long Seattle vacation hotels.  I personally liked the fluffy, bulky leopard print robe from the (XXX) in Seattle and Byron preferred the lighter robe that you had available for us in the Goose Pond room.  This is our only gift to one another !!  No fuss, no muss and most importantly….. no crowded malls and no over-spending.

In addition:  I have arranged with my mid-size extended family to do a variation of the “White Elephant” gift exchange.  Each person will bring ONE gift in the $10.00 range, then we all get to fight over who gets what LOL.  I have been trying to get them to do this for years, so it is a dream come true for me.  As a person who does not buy or want anything made in China (99% of the time) (and yes, I am aware that the robe may be made in China, but I don’t believe so, since I check almost all labels I get my hands on), Christmas is always a challenge for me both to give and to receive. The fact is that most of us buy for ourselves what we need or want, so the commercialism of the Christmas gift exchange is rediculous – no wonder the land fills are full of unwanted stuff.

I hope you share this story with others (but please keep our names anonimous).

Best Holiday Wishes for you and you family,

Name withheld by request

San Jose, CA

(Goose in the Pond)

A note from the editor: The fabric on our robes is made overseas, but 90% of the robes we carry are made in San Francisco, CA; the embroidery of our logo and guest monograms is done in Friday Harbor, WA