Are There Ghosts in Friday Harbor?

Does the spirit of one of these women linger with us still? We’ve had guests tell us they heard strange sounds while staying in the Victoria’s Flower Garden suite in our historic 1898 Tucker House. One even told us she heard a nice, grandmotherly voice, clear-as-a-bell, tell her “It’s time to get up, sweetheart.”

Who doesn’t love a good ghost story right before Halloween? We’ll you’ll have an opportunity to hear paranormal tales of San Juan Island this Friday, October 28. Sandy Strehlou, the Town of Friday Harbor’s Historic Preservation Coordinator, will host “Ghost Stories of Historic San Juan Island – and other tales told through the years” at 6:30pm in the San Juan Island Library.

Tall tales and ghost stories are shared over and over – never documented, because they can’t be verified, often embellished and twisted to suit the teller’s perspective. But more importantly, when the story is specific to a person or place and has been passed down through generations, it gives us insight into who we are as a community. Sandy asks, “Where is the kernel of truth and what compels others to tell and re-tell the story over time?” These tales become part of the “lore” of a building or site, and a fascinating addition to the history of this unique island. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, here is another opportunity to learn about an uncommon aspect of this island.

For more information, call (360) 378-2798.