A Day At The Inn: Puppy Love!

From the keyboard of Stephanie Prima-Sarantopulos: Being a pet-friendly inn, we have lots of four-legged guests.  But June 22 was a special day for us dog-loving innkeepers.

Staff and volunteers from our local Animal Protection Society had made a trip that day to the Yakima Valley Pet Rescue to bring back two litters of puppies.  Innkeeper Erin happened to be on the same ferry, and volunteered to take two of the pups in her vehicle.  Once on island, she stopped at the inns to brighten our day by plopping a puppy in my lap, and one on Anna Maria’s shoulder.

Emma, a three-month old tri-color Aussie mix snuggled right up to me, giving me a few sweet puppy kisses and resting contentedly.  I was struck immediately with Puppy Love!  Claire Bear, Anna Maria’s red and white Aussie mix couldn’t contain her curiosity, and started exploring Anna Maria’s desktop.

These were the females of a litter of four; Leo is another tri-color with those crazy blue and brown eyeballs; Nanook, so light blond he’s almost white, has that gorgeous look that will turn heads.  All of these puppies are very friendly and quite mellow – which is impressive for puppies!

The second litter of two pups is a mix of Dachshund and possibly Chihuahua.  They are seven-month-old sisters with curly tails and lots of energy.

San Juan Island is such a dog-loving community! They rarely surrender their dogs; the longest the shelter has had a dog is three months now – a 13-year old sweet girl whose owner recently passed away.  So there are never enough dogs to go around; hence, the trip off island to obtain more.  Yakima Valley Pet Rescue is a no-kill shelter that rescues animals from other kill facilities.

You can check out more photos on the Animal Protection Society Facebook page; for information on how to take one home with you, visit their website.