Snow Blankets San Juan Island

From the Keyboard of Stephanie Prima-Sarantopulos: “It’s Snowing!”  Yesterday morning I looked up from my desk and these beautiful, fluffy flakes were blowing across the sky.  The “storm” lasted most of the morning, dropping a soothing stillness and quiet on the town.

Snow-Covered Pastures Offer Little for Grazing, But Are Pretty on the Eye

Those of you who live in snow country would laugh at our measly 3 inches of white ground cover.  But here on the island we’re just not accustomed to this type of weather.  In fact, we don’t even have snow plows here, so when we get this rare snowfall, many people are stranded at home, not being able to drive out on hilly, icy driveways.  During the short snowfall last month, even the junior college was closed because people couldn’t drive up the hill to the campus.  Adding to the “fun” yesterday was a power outage on the entire island – only for an hour and a half, but it was right at lunch time, and everyone was stymied.   

Inn Guests Amy & Owen at Work, Gathering Fodder for their Snow Creations

A couple of our younger guests took the initiative to build a snowman in the park across the street from the Tucker House.  Owen & Lucy started at the top of the hill by the Upper Tucker House on Nichols & C, and used the advantage of gravity, rolling their accumulating snowball down the hill to the park at Nichols & B Streets. The snow was perfect for their use – heavy and sticky, not too fluffy.

This morning the sun was bright, the air crisp, the snow in town gradually melting away, but in the middle of the island, it was still solid.  Our water pipe had frozen so we were a bit bleary-eyed until we were able to get the flow going again.  We were able to drive out our gravel road and up the hill to the main road with a 4-wheel drive pickup.  The view of the fully white pastures across the valley was incredibly lovely!  One flock of wooly round sheep were cavorting near the fence, seemingly enjoying the sunshine.  The ponds had ice across them, making me wonder, “Where do the ducks and geese go?”

The town is still quiet today, the island still lovely as ever.  One of the factors I love about living here is that we get to experience four full seasons – and I love every one of them!

The Finished Creations