Tucker House Photos

Upper and Lower Tucker Houses, Around 1999

When local photographer Mark Gardner sent us his recent shots of Tucker House and her new coat of  paint, we had the

opportunity to compare with the one we’ve been using, that was taken at least a decade ago.  We were amazed at how much the trees around the houses have grown!

In order to get both the Upper and Lower Tucker Houses in the shot, he had to set up his tripod in an upper floor room of the office suites on A Street, a block away.  He also took the photo a little later in the day so the lights in the homes were on, making them look particularly inviting.  I think our new photo makes the house almost looks like something from a children’s  fairy tale book, something magical!

Upper and Lower Tucker Houses, 2010

The new color combination of dark green with trim accents in red and pumpkin really show off the gingerbread details