Tucker House Fully Restored!


The original 1898 Tucker House, which we refer to as “the Lower Tucker House,” on the corner of Nichols and B Streets, is now sporting her pretty new paint job.  Designed to complement the colors of the Upper Tucker House on Nichols and C Streets, she wears a lovely dark-green coat, trimmed with deep red and pumpkin colors.  The trim colors undeniably show off the intricate craftsman details in the façade.  Local photographer Mark Gardner has taken her portrait, which will be featured on our future brochures and business cards.

Thank you to all the guests who graciously stayed with us throughout the painting process.  Unfortunately a paint job cannot be done in the off-season because of rain and winds; summer is the only time we can paint.   Our crew tried exceptionally hard not to inconvenience anyone, and overall we feel they did a pretty good job.  Like a pretty lady in a new dress, we’re excited to show her off.  Next time you visit, please be sure to stroll down the street and admire our grand old dame.