A Day at the Inn – The Barking Assistant

Four-legged friends in the Doggy Pen at the InnsIf you’ve stayed at the inn, you already know that our innkeeper Erin is a real dog-lover.  Besides her own two, she day-sits little Cooper, a black and white Blue Heeler.   On sunny days, she likes to put them in the grassy, fenced pen between the Harrison House and the Tucker House.  The girls, Maya and Lily, don’t mind, but little Cooper has different ideas, and sometimes barks incessantly to let Erin know he doesn’t like being left there.

One day Stephanie, Guest Services Coordinator, loaned a bark collar to Erin, the type that releases a spray of citronella when the dog barks.  Her husband had used it successfully with their own dog (big Cooper, a yellow lab).  Erin dutifully tried it on little Cooper – no results; Cooper continued to bark.  Erin brought the collar into the business office where Anna Maria and Stephanie were working.

“This collar isn’t working!  What am I doing wrong?”

“Hmm, it shouldn’t need new batteries; maybe we have to switch it on somewhere; let’s press this button and test it.  Here – try it out.”

“You mean, bark into it???!?!  Uh-uh, not me! YOU test it!”

The phone happened to ring right as Stephanie was attempting to imitate a deep, loud bark into the unit.  Anna Maria picked up the phone and totally missed her opportunity to proclaim “Hold please while I ask my assistant to stop barking!”

We all busted up laughing!

Though sometimes days can be stressful, there’s always joy when dogs are around.