Friday Harbor is Rockin’ and so is the Tucker House!

This was another beautiful fall week and the Island was buzzing with visitors. Many locals are saying that this is the most spectacular fall in more than a dozen years. Last night, the movie theater was showing the new James Bond Movie, the community theater was featuring the Battlefield Band and the Grange was offering ballroom dancing – the fox trot. The full moon was huge and quite a contrast to the black starlit sky. Coho, the Inn’s new addition, was also buzzing. We are continuing our 3 for $30 dinner – starter, entree and dessert. It is a fabulous deal and we had a dining room full of satiated guests! Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away. We are looking forward to Thanksgiving when the Island will swell once again with family and friends. We will serve up holiday favorites for breakfast and a great 6 course dinner for Turkey Day!