Hi! Updates on the Inn

Hi Everyone my name is Shaylynn, some of you may have seen me around lately I just joined the team about a month ago, and wanted to blog to introduce myself. I am one of the innkeepers, I am here for you so let me know if there is anything I can do for you. I want you all to enjoy your stay on the San Juan Islands so I will be doing a lot of exploring myself so I can find the best spots for you to enjoy and explore. I recently went to Lime Kiln State Park, and watched the sunset which was truly beautiful, I just wanted to relax and read my book so I drove over and sat on one of the picnic tables and stayed for the day, sadly I have not seen the whales yet, but they are still around I just have to catch them at the right time. I hope to meet you all soon and help you make your stay unforgettable! If many of you haven’t tried out the new restaurant definetly make a stop in and try the salmon (personal favorite), but we have many great dishes and specials – recently – we had a black cod served over soba noodles with a miso dressing and fresh vegetables.. mm..mm..mm. A must try. Stop by and see us and introduce yourself, hope to see you all soon!