Tucker House Projects – San Juan Islands, WA

This week we started what seemed like a simple project – retiling the main Tucker House kitchen. Well it snowballed into a much larger kitchen renovation. We were designing on the fly. We kept asking each other what if? So we moved the vent. What if? We dry walled over a door that we no longer use. What if? We moved the range to another wall. What if? We took out the florescent lights and rewired for new lights. What if? We got rid of the wall paper . What if? We took out the byfold closet doors between the parlor which is now my office. We will finish the dry wall this week and will paint the walls a wonderful red called strawberry fields on Friday. The finished product is going to be so much more utilitarian for guests. We use the living room for receptions and formal dinners and the new kitchen is going to provide a much better flow. Here is a picture of the tiling in action.