Remembering why we are innkeepers – Friday Harbor Bed & Breakfast

Dave and I are fortunate to be touched by many of our guests. We have the pleasure and joy of sharing weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. Last night, we opened our hearts and our home to a couple whose 44 year old daughter, Claudia, is dying of Ovarian Cancer in Bellevue. They came to the San Juans for peace and repose. This morning after they left, we reflected on the fragility of life. Claudia is our age. How can that be? She is dying. She will leave a husband without a wife and two sons 10 and 12 without a Mom. Life is cruel and sometimes unfair. They left Claudia’s blog on the guest computer and invited us to be part of her life. We read the 2 year 3 month account of Claudia’s illness. Claudia’s circle of friends now includes two innkeepers on San Juan Island. We will wait each day to read the family’s blog entry. We feel helpless and remote but connected through this virtual community. We look forward to a time when Claudia’s family can celebrate her life on San Juan Island.