Historic Friday Harbor
Friday Harbor 1905

The Historic Tucker House, the building located on ‘B’ Street was built in 1898, and was owned by the Inn’s namesake, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence M. Tucker. Mr. Tucker came to San Juan Island to build and operate a grist mill. The mill struggled to stay in operation, but Tucker found other avenues for his abilities. He served as County Treasurer and worked at the San Juan County Bank as a clerk. The upper Tucker House, the building located on ‘C’ Street was built about 10 years later by the Joy Family, whose descendants still reside in Washington State.

What these buildings have in common is simplicity of design. They are attractive and functional, but without elaborate ornamentation or frills. Both these buildings were built with local timber using the natural bedrock as the foundation. (When we restored the floors in the historic Joy House, we used island timber that was milled and kiln dried on the northwest side of the island.) Money was not so plentiful in those days and could not be used for the unnecessary. Buildings were generally painted white, more for functional protection against rot, than for decoration. In our renovations, we have chosen to adorn these buildings with a splash of color – keeping with a historical palate.

Tucker House Inn Friday Harbor
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence M. Tucker