San Juan Island Beaches & HikingTake Only Pictures, Leave Only Footprints

The San Juan Islands are a fragile marine ecosystem so please help us preserve our environment:

  • Avoid carry-out containers.  (There is a county-wide ban on styrofoam.)
  • Frequent and support local businesses that are “green.”
  • Frequent restaurants that are Island Certified Local.
  • Walk or use one of the Tucker House Inn bicycles instead of using a car.
  • Take the Island shuttle to tour the island.
  • Turn off your car when waiting for the ferry.
  • Help pick up litter and dispose of all trash properly.
  • Support island conservation projects.
  • Take digital photos or film with 36 exposures to reduce canister waste.
  • Bring reusable shopping bags.
  • Take only as many paper napkins and individual condiments as you need.
  • Bring reusable take-out coffee and beverage containers and eating utensils.

Thank you.