Friday Harbor Accommodations

The San Juan Islands are a fragile marine ecosystem. Living on an Island focuses our attention more acutely on conservation in everything we do. The Tucker House has implemented low-impact conservation techniques to ensure that we are good stewards of the environment. We partner with like-minded adventure operators and farmers who also practice responsible tourism. This collaborative spirit helps to ensure the long term care of our precious environment.

As a Green Hotel, the Tucker House Inn has made some important changes that not only make sense – but have also helped save cents. Here are some of our green initiatives:

  • Recycling throughout the Inn, Restaurant, and guest rooms.
  • Purchasing energy star appliances for all replacements.
  • Purchasing propane fire places to replace wood burning fireplaces.
  • Installing low-flush toilets, low water usage showers and drip irrigation system for the gardens.
  • Using organic cleaners and vinegar in lieu of highly scented fabric softener.
  • Stocking bathrooms with private-label handmade organic body products in refillable dispensers versus individual amenity bottles.
  • Replacing inefficient lighting with fluorescent and energy efficient or outdoor solar lights whenever possible.
  • Supplying our guests with hang tags for guest rooms to educate and encourage conservation while on vacation.
  • Developing a composting project with local farms to recycle our kitchen scraps for chicken and cow feed and for their own composting.

On-going Activities:

  • Encouraging our guests to walk on the ferry and leave their cars, use public transportation, or bicycles to get around the Island. We provide our guests with the complimentary use of bicycles.
  • Supporting local merchants and business owners to reduce carbon footprint of importing supplies and ingredients.
  • Developing and fostering relationships with local farmers and fisherman to ensure the very best fresh seasonal and local produce, meats, fish, and cheeses available are served each day. Local farms provide us with hormone free milk and cream, delivered weekly by our “milk man.” Several Island farms provide us with free range chicken and duck eggs. We serve sustainable lamb, beef, and fish from the Island Farms.
  • Selecting sustainable ingredients for our menu preparations including seafood.
  • Educating guests through our online e-newsletters about sustainable farming practices and other eco-friendly practices.
  • Growing our own herbs, edible flowers, cut flowers at the Inn for use in the guest rooms and for our food preparation.
  • Participating in a composting project with local farms. We save our kitchen scraps and when the farms deliver our weekly produce they pick up our 5-gallon orange recycling buckets.  They use this for chicken and pig feed and for their own composting.  You can say we truly have a farm-to-table to farm program.
  • Providing guests with filtered water in guest rooms, suites and cottages to discourage and eliminate disposal plastic bottles.
  • Donating worn linens and bedding to Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center or San Juan Animal Shelter.
  • Donating used appliances and electronics and furniture to island companies that recycle and resell them to Islanders for nominal fees.
  • Donating used furniture to Fireman’s Thrift Center instead of sending it to the transfer station to end up in a land fill.

Some ways YOU can help us stay green: