What is the Tucker House’s Story, You Ask?

The Historic Tucker House, the green house located on ‘B’ and Nichols Streets was built in 1898, and was owned by the Inn’s namesake, Mr. Clarence M. Tucker and his wife, Marie. A businessman, Mr. Tucker journeyed to San Juan Island to build and operate a grist mill. Over the years, the mill struggled to stay in operation, but Tucker found other avenues for his abilities. He served as county treasurer and worked at the San Juan County Bank as a clerk. The upper Tucker House (as we affectionately call it today), a larger green house one block up the hill on ‘C’ Street and Nichols Streets, was built about 10 years later by the Joy Family, whose descendants still reside in Washington State.

Portrait of Mr. & Mrs. Clarence M. Tucker
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence M. Tucker

What these buildings have in common is simplicity of design. They are attractive and functional, but without elaborate ornamentation or frills. Both the upper and lower houses were built with local timber using the natural bedrock as the foundation. (When the Inn’s owners Anna Maria and David restored the floors in the “C” Street house, they used island timber that was milled and kiln dried on the northwest side of San Juan.) Back in Tucker’s day, dwellings were generally painted white, more for functional protection against rot, than for decoration. In the most current renovations, the owners have chosen to adorn the houses with a splash of color – keeping with a historical palate.

Today, Tucker House Inn is perched on the same hill overlooking the town of Friday Harbor and Sunken Park. The accommodations include rooms in the two historic Victorian-era houses and feature antiques, propane fireplaces, and spa bathtubs. Restoration has been lovingly applied to provide guests with all the modern conveniences, yet retaining the charm and shabby chic elegance of the days gone by.  Located in a peaceful residential area just a few minutes from the ferry landing,Tucker House of today provides memorable breakfasts, peaceful gardens, and a chance to experience Island Time.





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