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San Juan Island has its share of "characters," and this B&B Blogger particularly loves Cow and PigWhat is it about small communities and islands that breeds “characters?” You find them in every small town, every remote enclave; they are the people who feel free to express themselves in whatever way they choose, and seem to be accepted – good, bad, or indifferent – as just another part of the whole. They have their place in the community.

I’ve written about island characters before (see my post on Mona,) and I just love how no one can resist smiling when they set eyes on our most popular kooks. Cow and Pig are right up there with Mona in my book! Though Mona tops Cow and Pig at 338 Facebook Likes to Cow and Pig’s 208, they both represent what’s fun, quirky, and endearing about the San Juan Island community.

Islanders have been known to make special trips down Roche Harbor Road, just to see what Cow and Pig are up to every month, since they are always dressed for the seasons. We congratulated their wedding, cheered with them for the Wolverines, mourned when they were kidnapped and suffered horrible injury last Fall, and rejoiced at their return to the pasture.San Juan Island has its fair share of "characters," and this B&B Blogger particularly loves Cow and Pig

Now we welcome their new baby. Yes, born just a little over a week ago! When I first heard about it I wondered if the newborn would be termed a piglet, a calf, or perhaps a “calflet,” but since the little one is the spitting image of mamma, I think it’s safe to use the term “calf.”

Most Islanders look forward to seeing how calf is going to grow up in the pastoral scenes. Visitors, be sure to keep an eye out for the newborn on the right hand side as you’re heading out Roche Harbor Road from town. For those who visit vicariously, I’m sure the caretakers of Cow and Pig (and Mona too) would appreciate more Likes on their Facebook page.

Welcome to the island, little one, and congratulations to the proud parents!

San Juan Island has its share of "characters," and this B&B Blogger particularly loves Cow and Pig

Our Comments are open. Do you have any favorite Cow and Pig scenes or photos you’d like to share with us?

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